For honey bee removal call Karen at  (cell 904-888-9307).  Your
call is important to me please leave a detailed message and I
will call you back as soon as possible.
Honey Bee Removal
In the interest of public safety and to avoid the extermination of
honeybees so vital to the production of our food,  Please view the
photographs below for as to the type of removal we preform.

We do not just ripe open a wall or structure we prefer disassemble the
structure causing minimal about of damage in the process of the removal.  
Unless it's a building that is slated to bull dozed down.

We are not a pest control operator and do not use chemicals we only live removals.
Bees in the soffit
Samples of Bee Removals
Location of Bee Problem
What the problem
looks like on the inside
In the Soffit of
the eve of the
On the outside
and inside of
the porch.
Inside of the
sub flooring  
between the
first floor and
second floor.