Home of the Varroa Mite Control Entrance Brush
stomping out one Varroa mite at a time
Meet the owner Karen Wassmer

Active member of the Northeast Florida
Honeybee Association and Jacksonville
Beekeeper Association.

Inventor of the Varroa Mite Control Entrance
that provides year round assistance for
removing Varroa Mites from Honeybees without
the use of harmful chemicals.

Provides the following services:

Educational Tours
Educational Lectures
Beekeeping Mentor Programs
Organic Farming Mentor  Programs
Bee's For Hire
Bee Removal

The farm is open to the public on Saturdays from
9 am - 5 pm. Please call for appointment during
the week, closed on Sunday. 904-268-9200
God, I Love My Job!
for my beekeeping
As a Christian, I would like to invite you to a wonderful church, First
Christian Church on San Jose Blvd in Jacksonville, Florida.
Are you seeking healing based on Biblical times. Honey is mentioned 68
times and the different oils that were use for anointing for healing.  To see
about anointing oil  Click here:
Honey House exhibit
Green Cove Springs
County Fair

Rural Route Living &
Gardening in NE Florida
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My friends have their private island
up for sale: Interested in purchasing
their own island on the Gulf of
Mexico? It is at the entrance to the
Suwannee River at the East Fork.
There are 73 acres of the most
beautiful property you would ever
want to see and it even aa 150 year
old home on the property which was
restored back to the original version
of the home. You have to see it to
believe. Running water, indoor
plumbing...Electric is by solar
energy. We even are able to watch
TV and get Cell phone reception if
you would like. But we have had the
property for 8 years and are now
ready to sell.

If you interest use my contact page a
nd I will give Janet your information
to call and give you more details
Click here to see the estate listing